Hartgersotten Chris Bailey 

DOB January 13, 2003

Bailey lives in Ft. Worth Texas with her loving parents Bob and Gale. They waited over a year for this beautiful princess who has stolen their hearts. Bailey loves water and will sit by HER pool for hours. She also likes to look for water in the Jaccuzi tub jets. . .which is a riot. Recently, she has gotten the nickname of "Houdini" because Bailey has figured out how to escape from her crate. There is never a dull moment with this wonderful girl.

Bailey Bailey Bailey
Bailey Basketball dec 2004
feb 2005 may 2008 may 2008 6
may 2008 10 may 2008 9 may 2008 4
may 2008 2 may 2008 8 may 2008 3
may 2008 5 may 2008 7
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